Moniker Art Fair : Alex Fakso

This year in Moniker art fair, Alex Fakso one of the organizers and legendary photographer was exhibiting some of his recent work. I had a chance to catch up with him and experience what he had to show us.


One of my main influences for one of my projects for dissertation, what inspired me most is his ability of bringing photography into spaces.

With similar themes like myself that relate to the documentation of graffiti related situations around the world. The ways in which he plays with photographic material adds to the viewers perspective on observing these places and situations.

Achieving this through large scale vinyl prints and manual distortion of these into spaces, and materials.

Which is an aspect I intend to explore in the making of my project. The ways in which we can bring photography into a space and objects

By talking to him we shared a few views on subjects like urban exploration and graffiti I felt like his view on illegality is a major aspect of his work the places he accesses and the people he photographers provide him with the content that he aims to transmit to the viewers.

Making graffiti and documentation of such experiences the start of his work.

My interest and his influence towards my own work has to do with the process he uses when creates works of art from his documentation, also known for his publications but its actually the shift in his exhibition methods that has influence me to push my publications forward and to think about the viewers perspective when viewing your work.