Self directed project #2 Pdf

My interest is to connect lived experiences to my art work, through reflecting upon documentation acquired in an experience.

This idea relates to concepts explored previously by a groups of intellectuals and avant grade artists in paris in the 50’s and 60’s, that went by the names of Situationist international. 

My idea, reflect on their theory of the spectacle (mass media), and the break of this through self driven lived experiences. They invented methods of disjunction of the spectacle though exploration methods within the city, which they named as Derivés.

I intend to explore the spectacle of graffiti, firstly by exploring the experience of graffiti writing and documenting its…. performative qualities as an event (ephemeral, unpredictable), the traveling nature of the art, the community of the art form and the constraints of its illicit nature.

By the documentation acquired in set, travel/experience though out Northern Italy and, Lliubliana, Slovenia. Where I traveled to paint and explore the culture in a whole different environment from the one I know, to push myself a little, and go around with a crew, that I never met before for an intense week of painting and traveling. connecting to a whole new culture, language and new insight to the lives of several graffiti writers.


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