Self Directed Project 1

Self Directed Project 1

The act of Graffiti Writing is often misjudged and wrongly interpreted. This is due to the lack of information on the act and the social spectacle of graffiti writing being such an unexplored subject, from people that don’t practice the act. And from people that do Graffiti, (and what I mean by this, is the act of “illegal graffiti writing” ) they usually keep their identity secret and story to themselves. due to the preconception of the act being seen as illegal behavior.

But people like Good Guy Boris, have an outstanding emotional attachment to graffiti writing, as he described in is book. where he talks about the process the passion, the result, the experiences and adventures, the friends and the act itself. But in his case while doing graffiti, documentation was a must for him, making him able to reflect and create a more strongly interpretation and healthy view on the social paradigm of graffiti writing. by being a graffiti writer and through documentation and lived experiences, he brings a large contribution to the culture and the phenomena. Is in people Like him, that I get my inspiration to find new meanings and interpretations towards Graffiti.

Graffiti is seen as an antisocial behavior and with a closed community, this being due to the shortage of information and the corrupted ideal on the subject created by social media on the act. 

I am also emotionally attached to the act of graffiti writing, and documentation also as been as huge and important aspect for me, in my process. In my previous projects I have explored subjects related to Urban Exploration, Textures, Brutalism and Architecture. But with fear of falling into a bracket of “graffiti writer”, I  didn’t wanted to connect my work fully to the act of graffiti itself. Something that I do and do it personally for myself and for other graffiti writers. 

So for my self initiated project, I feel I can give it a shot, in trying and connect somehow  my work to my experiences lived, while doing graffiti. 

this to explore and make evident the social spectacle of graffiti, trying to illustrated somehow, in order to try to create artwork based on the documentation that I have gathered. But by doing graffiti for several years I don’t want to used old lived experiences, I feel those don’t characterize the way I want to approach this project. 

In order to really understand the social spectacle of Graffiti,  I felt I needed to put myself in a whole different environment from the one I know, to push myself a little.

So after planning I decided,  due to acquired contacts though a good friend of mine, I decided to go to Italy and go around with his crew, that I never met before for an intense week of painting and traveling. connecting to a whole new culture, language and new insight to the lives of several graffiti writers.