Converging Culture- Participatory culture

 By Researching the theme of converging culture this led me to the teaching of Henry Jenkins and american media scholar who describes converging culture as “ a world were every story, sound, brand, image, relationship  plays it self by the maximum media channels possible” this meaning information that is spread and its been adapted/improved by users worldwide connected via networks of media platforms like, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and by advertising and social media.

 But it wasn’t converging culture that captured my attention, Henry Jenkins in mentions about in his talks and books, the subject of participatory culture this meaning, culture where everyone participates by taking media in their own hands and sharing it with each other. 

  He traces back participatory culture to the mid 19th century where american high school students created their own publications and send it across nations networks, its been developed since its’s start and been developed according to it’s times from pirate radio to the zine movement and finding its place in the present with the rise of digital media, since this advance in technology, communities and individual have been able to produce their own media and share it with each other, for example using youtube as a platform for your video journal or “Vlogs”, Facebook groups and chats to axing though and ideals , also with twitter and many other media sharing platforms. 

  Participatory culture means more than just sharing, people have learned and developed skills from messing with media, now a days we learn from videos, internet pages, peoples experiences and many other all this networked, documented and distributed by the internet,where users have a control over the media they subscribes share and like as they wish and what appeals to them , participatory culture not only takes place in the virtual world but also in subcultures these are networked communities which can teach people different sets of skills that would never be used learned in schools, with the aid of the virtual world now a days to share their ideals and experiences.

Henry Jenkins uses participatory culture as an example for the future, using it in our behalf by political means and social means to regain control and express thoughts and ideals to develop and use skills to improve the future of culture and developing a  participatory culture this would start by changing the teaching systems and their policies.

Participatory culture is using media and relations with people, is everything that uses an independent skill or though to a communal teaching through the method of distribution.