Independent Visit week – Creative Entrepreneurs and Gentrification

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This week in class we were given the task to research and explore creative business around elephant, this with the intent of getting to know different creative business ideas. Small businesses like Pop up shops, box parks and little stalls of creative entrepreneurs emerge at sight by walking around London in their strategic points, also bars and coffee houses in these places utilize this strategy by adding  gallery spaces or stages that small creative entrepreneurs can further and expose their creative ideas.

Creative entrepreneurs use these spaces for their pop up show or fairs, exibithion, event and gigs which gets costumers in the shop and gives exposure to artists making small businesses work together using creativity.

In the south we find these places  around Camberwell, Peckham, Brixton and Elephant this is due to their gentrification process and artistic presence in these areas, places like rye wax, the crypt, the hive they promote themselves and the artists by giving them the place for their creative ideas and by showing them to the people.

Due to the massive factor of gentrification communal living places in these areas are becoming no more thanhistory. Being redeveloped and taken down to make place for more expensive living  that connects with the present economy of the Area. Brutal buildings like the aylesbury estate are going to vanish this making a part of the history of these communities die. 

 This got me thinking, is gentrification a benefit or not? Are creatives entrepreneurs dictating these changes due to their economic importance in society now a days? and if so how can we adapt the city and not transform the city by killing its essence and community?

All of these questions burst into my mind while reflecting upon the 4 years that I have lived in London and how much it has change in front of my eyes.

Creative business and creative entrepreneurs help to regenerate economy by establishing their own ideals of work and what to produce or show, but it is when the city starts taking advantage of these methods and areas and not actually the creative businesses that this sites become exclusive, trying to take down establishments like Bussey Building in Peckham shows that not only ,they don’t care enough about the beneficial aspect of the venue and the area itself but instead the only importance for them is the amount of people that this area and its creative economy is taking there, and how much money these could bring to them.

But the gentrification done by the city and entrepreneurs and re-developers would actually kill the creative industry by making it limited to a few and to a certain social class making the area more restricted and not so communal, making it die down in terms of creativity and becoming fashionable and commercial.

In my opinion is not creative entrepreneurs that create this dystopian gentrification is due to big businesses and re-developers that don’t care about the creative industries and only like to take advantages of the situation that ends up ruin such a independent but communal ideal of small culture enterprises, instead of taking advantage they should be working hand in hand with them.