Entrepreneurial Mindset – Emotional Intelligence


Leadership, Passion, Knowledge seeker and versatility  are some of the aspects of being a successful entrepreneur, but besides focusing on the study, of the characteristics that make entrepreneurship seem as a skill set required, we need to focus on the mind frame and mind set that entrepreneurs need, through the understanding of their feelings and emotion and the ones around them, as talked in class having an entrepreneurial mind set requires you to became hyper aware of your passions and failures so they can motivate and better yourself from recollecting and reflecting on past experiences and how to better them in the present.

Being a savvy entrepreneur it does mean that you have the tools required for the job but, not only, Entrepreneurs  need a mass of self awareness, anticipation of failure and risk taking that come hand in hand with these mind frames, by realizing you can’t succeed on your own and being able to manage clients and employees creating a good environment in commerce and by keeping in date with trends and information are fundamental in the mind set of good entrepreneurship.

Trying to understand the entrepreneurs mind set needs more than the study of the characteristics of these individuals, it need an understanding about the interaction of feeling and emotions so called, emotional Intelligence.

 This dictates that being passionate about what you do creates positive aspects, and that by showing this passion builds and motivates everyone around you. Emotional intelligence studies state that the entrepreneurs require an understanding in how to express non verbal emotions and to detect others emotions, making them relate to the client and employees.

Another important point of emotional intelligence is using these emotions to facilitate the thought process, by integrating the logic part of your brain with the emotional side instead of separating them, this due to creativity being an aspect of emotion and for entrepreneurs to be creative and innovative.

Another important aspect of emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs is the ability of knowing ones emotions and feelings, being able to control your emotion by having this and relating it with interpersonal consideration enhances relations and facilitates the connections with the clients and employees needs.

The most important aspect  to understand the mind set of entrepreneurs is the ability of managing emotions this being the foundation of emotional Intelligence studies and the most important aspect that relates to all the previous aspects mentioned on this post, regarding entrepreneurs describing this management of emotions is simple, the ability to maintain calm in a stressful situation and being able to express this creating a better and calm atmosphere around you also creating trust among clients and employees.

Entrepreneurship is not a gifted skill entrepreneurs are born with it, Is instead the development of this mind set and growth by acquiring information, and better your own understanding of yourself and others that surround you.