Urban Revolution- The Creative Cities


                                                    (creative students lurking at the city scape-London2016 – LammarAfrobeast)

Cities are both complicated and complex concepts of society, complicated in the term of spacial logic and infrastructures, cities require urban planning, roads, buildings highways “the hardware of the city”, these urban spaces need to be thought trough and been developing since the beginning of their existence, Has history shows cities evolve due to the method of transport of its time, now a days transportation and networking connect the cities with all over the world.

Critics towards the concepts of how cities are, surface in the terms of a failed urban planning this is the failing to produce a urban reality for all users, and not only for capitalists, builders and technicians.

 This is when cities gain their complexity, due to their increase in importance and population cities became packed with people and diversity its estimated that in the future cities will inhabit 70% of the worlds population, because of their rapid development there is always different thoughts regarding the idea of how cities are structure besides spacial logic (cities has a geometric), metropolis are more than just the hardware “ culture is not your operative system”, “urban cities should be seen as an emotional experience”(-Charles Landry 2015) Charles Landry in his ted talks  points that there are changes to be made in cities regarding public domain, cultural literacy, reduction of divides, between subordinate and superior working class an eco consciousness and a revigorating democracy this is rethinking the rules of the system and harness capacities, he also points to a collaborative charing economy, that cities should be planed and acted in with imagination this improving the cities communication.

In my opinion there is  one better than creative entrepreneurs to improve the cities, with the teaching in education of this subject we can became aware and begin to start improving and reforming the idea of the capitalist cities and a collaborative charing economy can take over and create new possibilities for the people in collecting concepts of dominant culture and subcultures also gender and ethnicities