creative entrepreneurship

IMG_3501An Important part and component of global economy has become the cultural and creative economy, these industries trade with creativity. Definitions in how to interpret them have been developing and growing, finding greater meanings and ways of clarification on the subject of culture industries and its existence.

Since its growth during the economical crisis, creative industries became fundamental in global economy and in culture progress, this is an industry that trades with information, knowledge and creativity developing intellectual properties, from design to fine art, music, advertising, video games to films and performing arts. Creative industries gain their recognition as a generator of wealth, jobs and culture, these cultural and creative industries gain their place at the hearth of creative economy.

 Due its rapid increase creative commerces gained tackle problems like, cultural diversity and human development and social involvement these new interpretations surge in its growth by what creative industries already do. Much like their development in economy, the definitions of creative and culture industry have been innovated since its first definition by the UK government. 

This cultural trade not only reflect on promoting a product and profit making, creative industries have shown and proved to be the most dynamic form of entrepreneurship, overstepping and constantly in alteration of its definitions, coming up with new ways of thought toward these have showed useful on understanding how boundless creative industries are.

In creativity there are no boundaries, cultural entrepreneurs create their own take on the knowledge economy.

By coming up with definitions toward this subject this helps us, to became our own entrepreneurs and collectively work together in order to promote our concepts and ideas and collectively making them work to spread culture, by knowing the vast world of creative industries and creative economy we also can come up with our own interpretations of these, connecting ideas and breaking boundaries not only in art ,but also in economy and social studies.

Being and entrepreneur is more than a skill is certain mindset with determination connected with intuition.