Pecaku- Presentation

A subculture traced my life, I have a profound interest on gathering and researching information from others subcultures that have simular concepts to the one I belong to.        I have lived and learn a lot from subcultures like, Urban exploration and Graffiti. IMG_1590 IMG_0411

Has a graffiti writer I tend to find different perspectives and meanings for what I do, as a visual comunicator I tend to process and project, information through imagery so I have chosen to answer the question derived from the suggestion made by Dick Hebdidge (1979) in his book Subcultures :The meaning of Style where he states that “the tension between dominant and subordinate groups can be found reflected in the surface of subculture- in the styles made up of mundane objects which have a double meaning”.

I intend to answer and justify his statement through a subculture called Pixaçao, a brazilian subculture that derived from graffiti, his supporters rebel agains laws and corruption of the powerful people in brazil,                                                                                             These “Pixadores” express there point through extreme methods by risking their lives, hanging from buildings and “tagging”. Reflections of these supporters can be found on the surface of the city from the only method they say effective, which is called Pixaçao. with letter inspired in the architecture of buildings in cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where there is a huge diference between the dominant and subordinate groups, where most pixadores come from favelas.

Sao img-7

To justify his statement I intend to relate my essay starting from Dick Hebdige point and by researching movies and documentaries like “Pixaçao” and “Pixadores”, and research on  related topics justify my agreement to his statement and find greater meanings to do with the gap between subdominant and subordinate groups and the clash of subcultures and how are these expressed leaving a mark in society.