Exploring the value of signs

No ball games sign on Hackney Downsno-ball-games-allowed

A picture speaks for a thousand words, this known quote speaks for itself.         Advertising, posters , signs, newspapers and Tv bomb us with information every day in life, through our tube, bus and cycling rotes these images appear around the world to communicate something with people.

There’s areas that deal with the study of signs and imagery on how we view them and what they express, there’s many different ideologies around it. Study practices like semiotics and semiology have been studying and understanding the meaning of signs and their communication techniques, studying signs as a form of communication between humans.

Artists, designers and visual communicators deal with these methodes and work with them to create various signs and visual communication tactics.                                            But where do we find these signs?                                                                                      In our everyday life, warning signs, road signs, fire signs are located in almost every work space as well as houses and streets, now a day most things are designed for safety.                                                                                                                                                        Living in a city like London, obsessed with security and health and safety  the signs found around city are always in large scale, which got me thinking of what power do these signs have and what they actually communicate to people, are they for our security sake or for the sake of whom put them there ?                                                                                     Communication through signs in and amazing aspect of humans, we through our vision we capture information and meaning of a sign, recognizing shapes and colors that communicate to us.

But by researching this, I found myself more focused on not how, but on what do these signs communicate, how they’re use giving us orders and preventing us from our basic freedom, of making our own decisions, signs are used for many purposes, security being the main one security in this city where there is more than half a million of cctv cameras and warning signs around, which shows a failure of trust between people.

The  power os signs is endless, Many of these signs and cameras can be highly found in privately own public places, which the owners have power to create they’re own restrictions.

Signs symbols and signets have been use in history and helped to discover and recognize many cultures. Now a days we use they’re power to control and keep our spaces free of public gatherings, skaters, homeless, ball games and many other absurd rules that powerful people have the freedom to create and communicate, robing us from our own personal decision making and personal freedom.