Research – PUSH- Passion is a powerful word to describe Obsession


We see ourselves as free thinkers, we brake boundaries physically and legally, we are obsessed and determined we never give up.

For my primary research I pretend to gather material through experiences. To understand a subculture fully , I found that you have to be emerge yourself in it you have to be passionate about it. for me I always been obsessed really, I live and love what I do, its been like this since I found out about graffiti, from a young age I already had these urge to “scratch walls”, years later still keeping this habit but from theses experimentations I pretend to find new understanding of these actions, the search for a space of free expression, the disassociation with the every day routine, the ephemeral moment of this art all of these can be answer by pushing yourself.

For past 3 weeks I depraved myself of sleep and went around Lisbon and the North of Portugal non stoping Painting everyday, legal and illegally, this made me gain a better understanding towards some unanswered question, also was able to gather and collect material that documented these experiences, by analysing these and reflecting on these moments, I find myself curious in exploring different perspectives to the way Graffiti is viewed, the contrast between Lisbon in London in their tolerance towards graffiti made a point in my mind due to the acts I was being able to do in Lisbon during these three weeks which in London would not be possible.

Everyone has their own view and thoughts on graffiti but my main interest is the societies’s perspective and the graffiti writers perspectives, how these can be reflected in signs, adverts and objects .

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