The utopia of Subcultures

Utopia is a vast and intricate concept to wrap you mind around it. In society we live in an organized chaotic a dystopia, which really does not work but also at the same time does. from this I became curious how these crash in societies reflects itself in these little utopias that been created from their surroundings and involving anyone that shares the same thoughts, now a days even more connected by the internet gaining a vast audience, these amazing little groups of shared thoughts gain major power and spread their word around the world.

By visiting the exhibition at the somerset house:Venturing beyond : Graffiti and every day Utopias, I had the pleasure to see main influences of mine and amazing graffiti artists such as, Revok, Saeio, Horphe and others that presente in it what graffiti as a utopian concept is to them.

By being able to see these works, I gain a better understanding of every day utopias and subcultures, and how art works hand in hand in an Utopian society. As a graffiti writer everyday I gain a new meaning for graffiti new concept that are explored in it an new ways of thinking about space and society, I get this from  something that is seen as illegal in societies eyes.

Graffiti writers and artists live in the shadows of authorities, they push them selfs to new ways of thinking and acting in the world defacing the boundaries of legal and illegal. We create our own ideal utopia born under these organize dystopia,  we will live on through and learn to progress and reinvent around the boundaries we get put in.

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