Exploring Tate Modern

In drawing the act of mark making as been a concept developed and question throughout history by artists, the simple act of making a trace ,since the invention of photography, has continued to break boundaries in the art world.

In this 9 big white rooms Tate present us, “Making Traces” and exhibition that takes us on a stroll throughout different artists works, questioning the act of mark making from interventions and performance to sculptures, illustration and abstract painting, with majority of pieces from the 50´s to the 70’s, this exhibition is divided in to different rooms in which of these, different artists show distinct approaches upon the act of making a mark.

Focusing on the relation of the artist with the canvas and gesture that one uses in his work, the second room captures my attention due to this intriguing and highly detailed  geometric spacial drawing of tile, by Viera Da Silva using the medium of communication through documentation she distorts a space through mark, using this same method of distortion, this scary painting captures my eye, showing a quite disturbed children’s drawing, Asper John contrasts childhood and familiarity, many other works of art are all over this extended room, that is the entry hall for this journey through contesting mark making.

Another Room worth seeing, contains 3 work of  different artists that contrast the traces of the modern city. Gordon-Matta Clark an artist from the 70’s, that disputed space and the city, specially abandoned buildings used both as his concept based and is medium, he presents us in this room a wall covered with colorful prints of pictures of run down houses in the bronx, using the manipulated pictures as wall pepper he did so, to raise awareness of lack of equality in New York, back then he used these in his space in soho. This small room show us the artist connection to their surrounding which I founded this highly inspirational to see.

The most noticeable room is the Mark Rothko but not by amount or quality of the work but by the dim lights and the dark Red colour that his painting contrast darkening this big room, not being a hugely knowledge on this artist I found the history of this particular series of works really amusing, these were supposed to be a commission to the four session  in New York work but he felt that the works were not appropriated for the space withdrawing from the commission and propose them latter to Tate.

After my Stroll through this 9 rooms, I feel that I have gained a new perspective and knowledge on the act of making a mark, after, reflecting on my own practise and raising questions like what I consider what making a mark is, how I use it and how could I should I take it more far, finding this huge collection of works of art is definitely a worthy  and pleasant experience to expose yourself to.