There are many ways of organizing information, in lesson we talked discussed and did some activities on different methods of gathering and organizing information, from surveys to argos catalogues and to how supermarkets are organize.

All of these show us the way society organizes you, how they create personas and  group us for their own benefit ,corporation have been organizing us, since we became worldwide connected, we are manly buyers for them, and they know what we want and how to sell it to us, by temping us with advertising and display of their products, as we see in supermarkets or fast food restaurants.

But is impressive the methods of filtrating and organizing information, now a days, the world as access to our personal pages /personal lives, from our dependance in todays social media, we have a discussed freedom wen it comes to this cause by using our details and our preferences the organizer can predict what we like. But not only corporations use these tactics, and these ways are not only use to take money from us, I realize that the way I organize information its always can be categorized in 5 ways.

In class we talked about the five hat racks, the only way of organizing information without taking it to an abstract way, the real way we organize ourselves. by making me aware of these ways I started to notice that we all live with these ways in our lives, maps, timetables, location , alphabet and many others organize the desorganize world we live in, by this structure that it lives by, and these ways control how we see various things around us, how we plan our day and how we plan our work even.

Taking a more abstract way of organizing information, by visiting the imperial war museum, I have gathered visual information and came up with different methods of recording ideas into my research, by adapting what comes to me visually and illustrating it, as a visual reminder of ideias.

For these particular example, In a museum where war is documented and organized, its became desensitize, war killing machines that are all around these space, became less scary that what are they meant to be,  tanks, bombs and war planes became just purely aesthetic objects, like toys.