HISTORIOGRAPHY the way we experience History

By discussing Historiography in the lectures , I became aware not only of what this means, but also the way we document and organize history now a days , wen we can access history using a numerous of different sources, we are blessed that in todays days due to historiography we have such organize data of our history.

Since really young, history was always around. Portugal being a really old country and footprints of history are evident around Lisbon an Portugal, the way I view history only came wen I had history lessons, the writing of history always fascinated me ,how we are able to know, how we got to these point in time and what as happen in the pass.

But my Interest in History comes from the idea of , How we experience history, and how these footprints create a nostalgic feeling, places like, monasteries, Castles and different types of monuments are spread across the globe, these have been there stopped in time to record and document that period.

Now a days due to our enormous amount of documented  history ,  I find myself seeing how people  are more content with their perception of history , but in my opinion history is happening around us, we live it and we create it , but its all documented in daily newspapers, news, internet and books.

Abandone places are the best example of undocumented history that can create the nostalgic feeling and makes us experience history ,from another perspective ,by exploring these spaces I became aware of old methods of construction , materials that were used, of course the state of these places can be devastating but these footprints would not be the same without that black and white feeling and the asbesto smell , these spaces are becoming less frequent cause of the so fast evolution of society, now a days we need to eliminate history to create a new one, Urban Exploration is the new method of document history and how , you document these places and create history from your own perspective of it.

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